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The Old Montréal


Recently I had the chance to take a trip to Old Montréal. That is — the part where they speak in French! A place where you risk hearing that old foreign tongue on the streets, and you can even be addressed in French without a simulcast translation!

That is to say, the Montréal I thought I would be living in. The rest of it is becoming an English town, and it’s a place where English thrives best out of any city presently within a united Canada, as some suggest.

It’s true. I know it because I’m making it worse.



Google must respect the francophone character of Montréal


As many websites report today, Google has finally installed its version of Google Street View available in Québec. Good news for fans of the service, but it is a service with a heavy price tag: as we see in the photo below, Google seems to have become bored with the mere role of photographer, and has given itself the hats of lawmaker and topographer as well: